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Veritas Lucis is a social guild on the Progenitor server of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

We encourage role-playing by having our own, guild-focussed story-line that is collaboratively written forth by everyone who'd like to join in. RP, however, is not mandatory in any way, shape or form.

We enjoy all aspects of the game, from RP to Flashpoints to PVP to just hang around in the guild chat.

The majority of Veritas Lucis is currently made of people who met in LotRO and MxO. The guild existed in the latter game where it had the reputation of being one of the finest RP-factions on the server.

Are you in interested in joining Veritas Lucis? We are happy to welcome new people - please drop us a note on our forums.

Site Update: the forums are still looking a bit crappy while the design is being hammered into shape.